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Aww, yeah at home. going to live it up tomorrow night, maybe. Tonight is for kicking back and trying to relax after the tidal wave of a semester of uni recedes into the ocean of 'what the fuck was that all about'. Anyway, Baby mama is on tv.

But what's with the busted nose? I seriously need more than a cliff hanger on that...

Also, it wasn't until I met my current partner that I got out of the bad habit of saying 'i love you' to fill space, to fill air. I actually think about it now. My partner knows it. You make some good and important observations... PDA's btw, just make you infuriated when you can't even make a privateDA because your partner is overseas. I fucking hate watching people suck face. Sure, good for you.

That said, I'm going to be making a big gross gesture at the airport. BWAHAHA!


re: rl people knowing about my blog? not sure. really they are aware of it, and I'm sure they might even have some part-time curiosity going on. but not enough that they read it that I know of. There's certainly no "hey I read: on your blog the other day".
That said, if you trip over to my blogger account, there's two blogs up there now, and one of them was actually a uni assignment submission.
So RL is aware that I blog, but they don't read it. The end. As far as I know.

What about you?

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